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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 4, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> thank you very much for joining us. israeli air strikes on gaza resumed after a brief cease-fire this monday. international condemnation is growing after a u.n. strike near a school. he said they have eye total right to security but added this does not justify killing of children and civilians. on sunday a u.n. school sheltering people was struck. 10 were killed.
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israel says it's investigating what happened. late this monday the death toll in the 28-day war was over 1,800. he was in gaza during the cease-fire and resumption of the air strikes. >> just like in all of the previous ones, this one was no exception in that it was short lived, barely less than an hour after it went into effect. an 8-year-old girl was killed in an israeli strike in the camp just north from where i'm standing. there are many injuries out there and other injuries as well and different israeli strikes which were conducted during this partial unilateral cease-fire decided by israel. this some 24 hours after a deadly strike right near a u.n. emergency shelter that caused a lot of international outrage. today however reerlly forces had indicated again this was a unilateral decision on their part. palestinian fashions obviously
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do not feel binded by it and israeli forces were learning certain parts of the palestinian enclave were exuded from the cease-fire. notably those parts east, that were hit so hard for the past 48 to 72 hours. probably one of the parts of gaza that needed respites the most. in any case, some palestinians did make it outdoors, just like previous instances of lulls or relative calm and to try and basically well return to some of the homes that they had fled. remember, at this point you almost have nearly half a million palestinians in gaza who have been forced to flee their homes, forced by violence to flee their homes smfment people basically returning for a brief moment trying to assess damage for some of them. unfortunately trying to pull bodies out of the rubble in order to give them proper burials. also people gathering clothing, basic goods. remember as you mentioned, more
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than three weeks of fighting so very precarious situation that these thousands of people are in, are lasting but nonetheless as i was just saying, cease-fire was a very brief one. there was more violence throughout its entire duration. as soon as it's officially ended, the israeli army did indeed announce it was resuming military activity. we heard more shelling coming from those vessels posted off the coast of gaza. yet again, the residents of the palestinian enclave are preparing themselves for another uneasy night, if you can call it that. >> gallagher there, our reporter in the gaza strip. "fast & furious" has been assessing support for hamas in the rival palestinian territory west bank has been giving what it kill to help the people of gaza. in ramallah, west bank's main city there's belief hamas will be stronger after this present conflict. here's our reporter.
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>> west bank palestinians belonged to a charity founded the day war broke out and they're doing their best to help those that lost all due to the israeli bombardment. >> you need political ground swell and that kind of unity doesn't exist. it's an obstacle. they saw people confronting israelis. >> life gos on as normal here and people are thinking of gaza. protests have been taking place across the west bank. meanwhile, clashes have been taking place across the west bank as people react to events in gaza. a little over a wook ago, one person was killed and scored more wounded when israeli security forces opened fire on a checkpoint between ramallah and jerusalem. for now the third intifada that some were predicting start to materialize.
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for the senior member of the ruling plo, recent events only heightened support for rivals hamas. he said they will emerge stronger from the conflict. >> i think support is rising up in the west bank. and it was there at the beginning of the war. i don't think there was complete identification with the demands with the gaza strip. >> increasing public sympathy perhaps but hamas has been decapitated in the west bank. many of its members were arrested during the israeli crackdown that followed the killing of three jewish teenagers in june. >> moving on, nouri al maliki ordered the iraqi air force to help the kurds threatened by the advance of isis sunni extremists who doe claired their own counterfeit terrorist state.
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they inflicted heavy losses on kurdish troops. this as far as the recent push through the north where they captured three towns and another oil field and mosul down. lebanon's army advanced mopped into a border town attacked by islammists. it's been seen as the most serious spillover from the civil war in neighboring syria. meanwhile soldiers killed during the clashes have today been buried. >> full military honors from a lebanese soldier. he and a dozen other troops were killed on saturday as militants attacked checkpoints, security points and homes. for the third day in a row clashes broke out in this town in a syrian border. local borders shut and left with no food supplies. >> gunmen everywhere, they put the checkpoint there and protect
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people from coming in or out. >> some of the men come from neighboring syria. they stormed into lebanon after one of the fellow rebels were arrested by lebneen authorities accusing him of having links with al qaeda. security's been boostered as violence is thought to be the worst spillover since the syrian war started in 2011. it is mostly sunni. the town largely supports the uprising and it's home to tens of thousands of refugees. according to the lebanese army chief, several gunmen are believed to come from refugee camps nearby. >> liberia's government is ordering all of the dead from the ebola outbreak be cremated. this follows protest over burying victims and some being left on the ground among the dispute. so far the spread of ebola across west africa claimed 887 lives. the second american missionary has been repatriated for
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treatment have contracted the virus. outbreak has centered on new guinea, sierra leon but suspected cases being reported in nigeria. >> from the very beginning of this outbreak five months ago health care workers, nurses, doctors were among the first victims of this disease. and it's having many impacts, first it's the number of health care workers that can physically be in action and local health care staff in liberia, concentrated in the north of the country and monrovia, mainly health care staff. you mentioned two u.s. missionaries there. the n.g.o. they were working for samaritan purse had to pull out a lot of its staff. they can't put them at the source of risk. but unfortunately, the two colleagues have succumbed to the impact that is having on the
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local community, while while it's really having a sgget knock-on effect. people in monrovia and across the country simply now suspicious of the health care workers say if doctors and nurses can't protect themselves, what hope do they have of treating us and one thing that is really coming off that is we are seeing increasing numbers of people sharing any sort of illness or malady choosing to stay at home and treat themselves. we spoke to one man today suffering from malaria, and he said he would rather get the drugs from pharmacy and stay at home. said if i go to hospital, i'm more at risk of getting ebola there if i am than in the comfort of my own home. >> our reporter there in liberia. >> another crowd of passengers overturned off bangladesh. two people are reported killed and there are some 250 on board. and said the ferry was buffetted by high winds and strong
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currents before overturning and saw the captain jump before the ship capsized. it's 100 years since start of the first world war. commemorations have been taking place across europe. one of the most notables are the franco german alliance where the president hugged the german foreign minister. >> former world war i enemies side by side, united today for a ceremony marking the 100th anniversary of the start of the conflict. here they pay their respects. >> war across all divisions has gathered us all under the same banner of suffering. we commemorate the suffering. and we also remember the path that we took. this commemoration is essential in building a better future.
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>> it was on this day in 1914 that germany invaded neutral belgium. part of the planned attack on france. but on monday, an embrace between the representatives of the two countries, followed by words of regret. >> this war began in western europe with germany's completely unjustifiable invasion of neutral belgium. i would now like to thank all belgians who extended the happened of reconciliation after the second world war. >> on this day of remembrance, the french president called on the international community to bring an end to israel's offensive, a conflict with a rising death toll with no end in sight. >> how can we reman neutral when
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a bloody conflict in gaza is about to enter its first month? we cannot remain neutral. there is an obligation to act and it is europe that must act alongside the u.n. >> after the features, belgium's keith felipe placed flowers at the monument of the fallen. >> commemorations there continuing of course, to mark the start of the first world war. at one of those features the dry mode around the tower of london, filled with ceramic poppings to mark the -- what was being called by many the war to ends all wars. installation's entitled, bloodlet lands and seas of red. installation will continue to grow into armistice day november 11. red poppies, of course, have become a symbol of remembrance since the trench war fair waged in the poppyfields of belgium's
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flander region. the scene there at the tower of london. french police have been granted more time to question a drug squad officer over a missing 50 till owe gram stash of cocaine. he was picked up in the south of france with a large amount of cash in a knapsack. he continues to deny stealing the drugs at the storm room on the base of the drug squad on the banks of sen. >> he's the number one suspect. at 34, this french narcotics police officer is currently being questioned. he denies stealing 52 kilos of cocaine worth an estimated 2 million euros. serious allegations that embarrassed the paris drug squad. the officer has been suspended for now. >> authorityless try to find out how the security system works and how drugs are stored in a bid to understand the procedures . >> the drugs were seized last month and were supposedly kept
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in a secure room at the police headquarters. only three policemen have the key to that room. those who want to go inside have to sign in and be accompanied. investigators wonder if these rules were broken or if the keys were duplicated. another issue -- storage duration. the drugs had been kept for three weeks before they went missing. authorities say they were waiting for the approval of a judge to destroy them. on top of that, the police headquarters are in poor condition. old-fashioned and ill-adapted. officers are expected to move to brand-new premiseses in 2017. >> and that case here in paris continues, just to remind you, 50 kilograms of cocaine have gone missing, still hasn't been found. one drug squad officer is currently in police custody, helping with inquiries. let's remind you of the other headlines here, live from paris.
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air strikes resumed by the israelis after a seven-hour-long cease-fire. some people though observe the truth was never even called. the death toll is now over 1,800 in gaza. day 28 of the conflict. 50 kilograms of cocaine still missing. prime suspect remains slipet. how did the stash vanish from drug squad headquarters on the banks of the seine here in paris? >> it's time for a look at the business news. we will start the update in portugal where our new bank has seen the light of day. this after officials rushed over the weekend to deal with banker santos whose losses in the first half of the year drove it delose bankruptcy. portugal officials announced sunday the failing lender would be split into one good bank and one bad bank. portuguese authorities are
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provided 4.9 billion euros to prop up the good side, which will go under the name novo banko. they will retain the assets as well as its name continue will be wrapped up later on. shareholders and bond holders are set to take a financial blow. portuguese government insists taxpayers won't be left with the bill. the bank is being billed as test case for euro zone. its framework on how to unwiped failing lenders after the financial crisis is seen to be put to the test. the bank is also putting its founding family in the spotlight and we have more on that part of the story. >> this was one of the oldest and biggest financial institutions and its breakup putting one of the family's most prominent families in the spot light. 20% is owned by a chain of companies owned by the family who is roots date back to the
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1860's. today business empire ranges from tourism to health care and spans four continents. accounting irregularities made outside the financial business placed the bank on the brink of collapse. >> through those not subject to the super viss of the bank of portugal and in many cases jurisdictions difficult to access banjo santo developed a fraudulent scheme between companies. international experience shows schemes of this kind are very hard to detect before they collapse. >> ricardo is suspected by authorities of fraud, forgery and money laundering. he's released on 3 million euros bail. in recent days the families holding companies filed for bankruptcy protection. how much of the empire will be left standing after its fall
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from grace remains to be seen. >> now a test case for the euro zone, and then european investors appear to be taking the collapse of the bank and their stride. if we check out the european clause, the ftse ended flat. and paris going higher. shares with companies exposed did fairly well after the rescue plan was unveiled, including portugal telecom and ago ra co, which owned a share of the failing bank. lisbon p.s.i., portugal's main stock index ended almost 1% higher. let take you through a few other story that's we are keeping an eye on for you. the big of the bank warned of overzealous regulators. there's a risk that bankers become too willing to please
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regulators and conform to them. that includes a $9 billion fine in the u.s. for french bank bill apass. they dropped below analyst expectations. order russians are feeling a bite of western sanctions as well as 27,000 russian tourists are reportedly stranded abroad. this comes after the russian tour operator went bust over the weekend. and fluctuations for the ruble and what it called negative political and economic situation. at the same time though russian investigators stay they're looking into possible fraud. and general electric says it will invest $2 billion in africa between now and 2018. it includes a in facility to manufacture and assemble machinery in nigeria. africa has become ge's most
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promising region for growth. the announcement was made in connection to a summit that sees more than 40 african heads of state and government visit washington, d.c. that is the business for now. more news coming right up. stay with us. >> now to another man that know what's what's going on, james creed. >> good to see you, mark. >> starting with french politicians increasingly critical of israel's offensive in the gaza strip. >> that's right. there's a lot of reaction over the weekend to the continuing israeli offensive in gauze why particularly the french foreign minister who said a solution by the international community should be imposed on the parties there. that's strong language. and you can see this on the website.
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the mass car, in terms of what's going on in gaza and carnage. extremely strong choices of words and language by the french foreign minister. and they're taking as well about a jihad or about-turn in some cases in the french foreign minister position, which is vocally in support of the early days of the conflict. the position is similar to that of a former israeli ambassador in paris by the name of elle. he said for a two-state to come into being, the international community must intervene and peace must be imposed on the parties or it won't happen. and that's a strongly worded declaration by the french foreign minister. and they spoke out in the past 24 hours via press release from the palace in which he said the language was less strong and the bombing was inadmissible and
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those responsibility to answer for their acts, and we didn't specifically state the israeli army, for example, but those responsible. this, of course, after that school was ten deaths, ten children den in another u.n. facility. >> and they are still investigating. >> you mentioned the international reaction there get alarm happening and that the tone is changing. >> absolutely. just on that note, there's a certain amount of reaction to that in the u.s. press, for example, look at this headline in -- distrust between u.s. and israel is at an all-time high but military support will continue. that sort of -- what would we say, paradox a way interesting quotes out of the article as well. obama and netanyahu are like
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little kids who have been paired together by their science teacher and they still want to jab and hurt each other as much as possible. they're pointing out the senate approved 225 million tchars worth of emergency funds for israel's dome missile interceptor but yet this game just 24 hours later, the state department issued its harshest condom nation ever. and this appeared a couple days ago in the "daily telegraph," president obama put ago letter to stop bombing into -- what would you say, shipment of missiles. >> certainly what it looked like. >> indeed the fact the criticism is getting harsh is being picked up by political this lady you see here -- senior adviser to barack obama. many people say her position is essentially barack obama's
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position, maybe he's not publicly saying what he's saying but they would be on the same page. he said israeli strikes near havens in gaza and you can't condone the killing of in the children. barack obama hasn't said it but one of his closest advisers have. >> the victims of the dead bodies of the children at the furen earl it's amazing the security council for instance, has not come forward and said something. i know there are rockets being fired into israel and that is not excuseable and that is not zifmente that's right. -- and that is not right. >> the french foreign minister said exactly that, to pick you up on that point, mark, he said there needs to be political sanctions against israel. there needs to be a vote by the u.n. security council on the matter. it needs to be referred to the international court and there need to be international peacekeepers sent in. this is under the foreign
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minister. >> hamas' position wants israel wiped out and firing rockets and are not taking either side here but you can see there are huge dilemmas on both angles of this. >> increasingly coming out there saying this needs to be sort of an intervention. >> the first point, imposition of something -- >> that's right. >> they soom incapable of advancing towards peace. >> increasing calls jims, for economic sanctions, perhaps a boycott, israeli products. what are you talking about? >> let's look at this. the -- they call for a boycott of israel products known as boycott investment and sanctions. google trends graft here spiked in the last since july. and the same in 2009 when there was another israeli army offensive. a big spike indeed. but it's interesting to look at
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the situation in france where calling for israeli boycott is illegal. there's a law since 2003 which considers the boycott movement is a provocation. you can face one year in prison, $45,000 fine and it is illegal to discriminate. and northern ubsush of paris, made a public call for that and she was pulled into the police station, mark. so it's seen as an illegal act here to call for a boycott of israeli policy. >> some people might say it's illegal to stop people boycotting what they want to boycott but that's perhaps just me splitting hairs. james creed, thank you very much indeed with our media watch. stay with us.
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emocracy now!" >> we have no despite -- notify the israeli army 33 times. in the end, at least nine people were killed and 27 injured. >> israel faces international condemnation as another u.n. school housing palestinians seeking shelter is hit in gaza.


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